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Tips For Keeping Your Pet Cool Over Summer

As the weather heats up, and the incidence of extreme weather conditions rise, it is more important than ever to ensure your pet is kept safe from heat related illness. Heat stroke is a serious concern for our four legged friends, which is why as pet owners it is important to take steps to ensure your pet is feeling cool and comfortable throughout the summer period.

To help we have compiled a list of our top five summer pet health tips.


Tips for staying cool

  1. Ensure cool shelter is available. Keeping pets indoors with air conditioning when possible is ideal.
  2. Freeze ice blocks and place them in your pet’s water bowl.
  3. Purchase a small paddling pool that they can sit in to cool off. Alternatively, if your fur friend doesn’t enjoy swimming then you can either wet their paws or mist their face with water. Placing a cold wet towel around them is another good option.
  4. Limit walking time to either early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the hottest hours of the day.  Walking on extremely warm pavement can be painful for pets’ sensitive paws, and should be avoided.
  5. Never leave them in a car on a warm day. Even when parked in the shade, hot cars can prove a fatal for pets.

Did you know?

Short nosed and flat-faced breeds of dogs are more likely to suffer from heat related illness. Pet’s who already suffer from respiratory issues are also at an increased danger of health risks associated with warm weather.

Pocket Pets

Don’t forget about our smaller fur friends too! Rabbits and guinea pigs can suffer from heat stroke just like cats and dogs. Make sure their enclosures are kept out of direct sunlight, and that they are kept inside on extremely warm days.

If your pet is showing signs of distress or pain due to the heat, then contact our friendly team for assistance. We are here for you and your pet.

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