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Summer’s finally here! And for your cat this means they can enjoy being more active and spending a lot more time outdoors making the most of the longer, warmer days! However, there are a few things to be particularly mindful of as you’re having fun with your cat this festive season.

The long, warm summer nights can also mean that wandering cats are more likely to get into fights. The wounds can be painful and will require veterinary care, sometimes even surgery. Cat bites can also spread a disease called feline AIDS, which is unfortunately invariably fatal. You can greatly reduce your cat’s risk of sustaining injuries or contracting FIV by bringing them in before the sun starts to set, having them desexed and by vaccinating them against feline AIDs.

On hotter days, our cats often love to lie out in the sun to catch the warmth of the sunrays.  And like humans, cats can develop aggressive forms of skin cancer, particularly around their nose, ears and eyes. Cats with white coats are more prone to skin cancer, so make sure you pick up some pet friendly sunscreen from us to help keep your cat covered this summer.

Also, be aware that snakes are a potential threat during summer, particularly on warmer days. If you notice your cat has become lethargic and is having difficulty walking, or if you have seen or suspect your cat has been bitten, keep them quiet and bring them down to see us immediately, as they will need antivenom and life saving treatment.

Fleas also love the warm weather and the best time for fleas to breed is summer. So now, more than ever, make sure you’re up to date with flea control for all of your pets. There are lots of different options to choose from, so feel to drop in and have a chat about which product is best suited to your cat.

As always, make your cat’s health a priority this festive season and from all the team, we wish you and your cat a fun and healthy Summer.


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