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Training your puppy is exciting and challenging! We are here to help! Puppy pre-school is an effective and fun way to get your puppy not only trained but socialised amongst other puppies and their owners!


If you have just bought home a new puppy or are considering getting a puppy, our puppy pre-school program will help you get your new best friend the basic training needed. It’s a fun and active way to spend time with your pup.

Who runs your puppy pre-school program?

Our puppy pre-school is run by a puppy pre school expert with loads of experience in animal behaviour and training.

At what age should I start puppy pre-school?

We accept puppies from 6 to 16 weeks of age.

When do you run your puppy pre-school program?

The course runs 1 evening per week for 5 weeks.

For available dates and times, please contact us.

How much is puppy pre-school?

Our puppy pre school is $75 for 5 classes.


For more information, please contact us at Glen Iris Veterinary Hospital & Cattery.

We are conveniently in the City of Stonnington and Glen Eira. The pawfect location for pet parents living in Glen Iris, Malvern, Toorak, Kooyong, Armadale and surrounding areas!

Tracy van Heer

Hi when can we start the classes please?

Puppy is 20 weeks

Wed Jan 2016
Allana Christie

Hi, I’m just enquiring about your Puppy Preschool. I have a 9 week old Maltese X Shih Tsu and am looking to have him trained. I see on your website that you charge $40 for 4 classes, what will be achieved within this session and when can we get started. I also need to book in my puppy’s second vaccination shot on the 25th of this month if that’s possible.
Thanks, Allana

Sun May 2016

our puppy Helga is just under 5 months old & has not been able to go to Puppy Classes due to Covid-19. I just saw some a group puppy class on your instagram page and was wondering if you have any “Covid Catch Up” classes for dogs in this situation? She needs help socialising with other dogs as is very timid…
(My 13 year old daughter is keen to take Helga to some group classes).
Thanks, Anna

Sat Jul 2020

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