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A safe home is a happy home!


When pet-proofing your home or yard, it is important to look at items from your pet’s perspective and consider what they are likely to play with, chew or otherwise get into.

If you believe there are any items that may potentially be dangerous for your pet, it is important to remove or relocate them accordingly.

It is a great idea to pet proof your home before bringing home the new member of your fur family, however, it can also be done during a home improvement project or at any given time.

There are many things in the house that your pet needs to avoid digesting. This is especially relevant when it comes to gardening or household cleaning chemicals. Toilet bowls should also be considered. Pets are often tempted to drink from the toilet bowl and if bowl cleaners have been used the water may poison them, not to mention drowning is a potential threat. However, any danger can easily be avoided by keeping the toilet seat lid down when not in use.

It may also be tempting for pets to climb into open dryers as they are warm to rest in. If your dryer is easily accessible for your pet, it is always a good idea to make sure the dryer’s door is closed and check inside before starting the machine.

Fire hazards are also worth considering. For example, candles should never be left unattended as pets may potentially knock them over or catch their tail on fire. A fire screen could be installed in front of any fireplaces and electrical cords should be out of your pet’s reach in order to avoid electric shocks if they chew them.

It only takes small steps to protect the ones you love and your pet will thank you for it!

If you need any help or questions answered, please feel free to contact Glen Iris Veterinary Hospital as we are always here to help for your pet care needs.


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