Lockdown Update May 2021 - Glen Iris Vet Hospital

Lockdown Update At The Glen Iris Vet Hospital.

To help keep you and our staff safe and to ensure that your pets can continue to receive the healthcare they need, please note the following guidelines during the current lockdown period:

  • When you arrive for your appointment please call us on 9822 4952 to let us know that you have arrived. ✔️ Our lovely reception team will note that you have arrived and inform the vet or nurse who you are seeing that you have arrived.
  • The vet or nurse will then call you back when they are ready to see you. They will collect any relevant history over the phone, then meet you and your pet outside the front of the clinic.
  • Once the examination has taken place, the vet or nurse you are seeing will call you back to discuss any recommendations or treatments that are required.
  •  Once any relevant medications are dispensed, reception will call you back again to inform you that your pet is ready for pick up and will meet you out the front of the clinic with your pet.

Please note, if you are experiencing any cold/flu symptoms, then please let our staff know prior to your appointment. COVID restrictions can create some delays and so we thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.

Sandra Keulen

Is your cattery open during this lockdown please?

Tue Aug 2021

Hi, are owners allowed to come in with their pets now? As you are an essential service I want to check your checkin requirements. Is it the same as the chemist or doctor? Thanks

Thu Dec 2021

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