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As a lot of pet owners who live close to New Year’s Eve celebrations will know, fireworks can be very stressful for cats and dogs. It’s not a coincidence that lots of animal shelters are filled to capacity on January 1st every year. It’s why it is always a good idea to make sure your pet has been microchipped. Plenty of frightened pets escape from their homes as they try to flee the noise and light they don’t understand.

As part of your preparation for an evening with a big fireworks display, give your pets some vigorous exercise earlier in the day so they’re nicely tired out. As the sun begins to set and the time draws near, the best thing you can do for your cats and dogs is give them a safe, comfortable environment with plenty of welcome distractions.

If you’re planning to be home during a big fireworks display keep your pets with you so they feel reassured. Once you hear the display begin, try and keep to your normal activities so your pets see a normal routine and distract them by hiding a few treats they have to hunt for, playing with them or giving them their favourite chew toys.

If you’re going to be out while the fireworks are going off, make sure your pets are safely secure inside your home somewhere that will minimise the chance of them hurting themselves or damaging anything of yours. Ensure you provide plenty of water and food, as well as a litter box for cats. Also, try to return home to check on them as soon as you can after the fireworks have finished. They’ll find your presence very reassuring.

Some pets get so distressed by fireworks that they may cause serious injury to themselves when they hear the explosions. If your pet is like this, it’s well worth talking to your vet. There are a number of pharmaceutical options your vet can prescribe that will help reduce your pet’s stress levels. That way you can spend nights like New Year’s Eve celebrating rather than worrying about your pets.


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