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Coronavirus (COVID-19) July Update

The Glen Iris Veterinary Veterinary Hospital is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our staff and clients with the emerging outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As health care professionals, we are acutely aware that if our staff get sick, it could jeopardize the health of the animals in our community. As such we have implemented a new protocol to keep our staff and clients as safe as possible. This protocol has been updated on March 26th 2020. We thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

From Friday March 27th, we will no longer be allowing clients into the clinic for appointments or when picking up food or medications. A nurse or receptionist will instead meet you to collect your animal from either at the front door or from your car. The vet will then obtain a history from you by calling your mobile phone and examining your animal inside the clinic (with the assistance of a nurse) and then calling you back to discuss treatment options and recommendations. Payments can be made over the phone and then your pet will be brought back outside the clinic to you. 

Instructions on specific situations can be found below: 

If you have an appointment

Please call us when you arrive on 9822 4952. Our staff will confirm your mobile number and will ask you some questions pertaining to potential exposure to Coronavirus. The vet will then call you back when they are ready to see your pet to collect a history regarding the problem and to ask you to drop off your pet off at the front door where they will be collected by a staff member. Following examination of your pet, the vet will call you back to discuss any findings and treatment recommendations. Payments can then be made over the phone and your pet will be brought back outside to you. For hospital admissions (for example for de-sexings, dentals or other surgeries), the procedure will be discussed with you over the phone and then the documentation handed to you to sign at the front door when you drop your pet off. 

NB: if you don't have a mobile phone then please let us know prior to leaving home with an approximate time of arrival. We will then ensure someone is available at the front door to meet you and collect your pet when you arrive. 

If you are wanting to collect or purchase food or other items

Please call us when you arrive and advise of the which food or product you would like and in what quantity. Our staff will then get it ready for you, take payment over the phone and then meet you at the front door for collection.

If you are collecting medication 

Please call us when you arrive. Payment will be taken over the phone and we will then meet you at the front door with your medications and receipt.

The exception to the above rules will be for euthanasia's where clients will be permitted into the clinic. 

The previous measures we announced including additional cleaning protocols for the facility and vets wearing personal protective gear will continue to occur. 

We thank you for your understanding. If anyone has any questions or would like to discuss anything relating to our COVID-19 policy, please email me at jason@glenirisvethospital.com.au or call the clinic on (03) 98224952
Kind regards,
Dr. Jason Rapke  

Clare Staglieno

Thanks for the helpful message

Thu Mar 2020
Brian Corless

Received with thanks and with regards

Thu Mar 2020
Nicole Canty

Thanks for the update.
Love Milo ❤️

Thu Mar 2020
Deborah Stathopoulos

Thanks for taking care of us


Thu Mar 2020
Rommy Fabbri

Very grateful for your update.  I will follow as per your outline. Thank you for everything you do for our precious companions, the community and us.

best regards as we navigate this as one community.


Thu Mar 2020
Sarah Davies

It is wonderful to receive such expert and practical advice for both humans and animals.
Appreciated enormously. Very best wishes to all you wonderful, caring people

Thu Mar 2020
Judith Rapke

Very reassuring to know such high standards are being practised by your staff.
Thank you all for the wonderful care you give our animals

Fri Mar 2020
Judie Hudson

Thanks for the clear directives and information - rest assured that Tigger and I will comply fully.

Wed Mar 2020

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